As an iconic brand in the property and casualty insurance world, Chubb caters to high net worth individuals and businesses. But another key constituency is their network of “producers” (that’s insurance-industry speak for brokers). The challenge facing us was to craft a campaign that spoke to all audiences in a way that grabbed attention, yet stayed true to the core, conservative strengths of the brand.


During our immersion into the Chubb brand, we conducted many interviews with customers, brokers, and key internal executives. Time and again, one key benefit stood out: Chubb consistently paid claims with none of the hassles or hoops that other insurance companies frequently put their customers through. The resulting campaign was built to make Chubb’s claims process the hero.


One of the most successful and longest-running campaigns in Chubb’s history, our campaign resonated positively with all of the key targets and stakeholders. The NY Times praised the campaign in their advertising column and Chubb proudly featured the campaign on the cover of their corporate Annual Report in 2010. Their stock price has tripled since the campaign first ran. We can’t of course take full credit for that, but we’d like to think our campaign has played at least a small part in their thriving business.

CT Wolters Kluwer
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