NAM (National Arbirtation & Mediation) is one of three key national players in the Alternate Dispute Resolution category. NAM had built a strong reputation in the personal injury space, but their depth and expertise in the field of corporate disputes was less well known in the legal industry. We were tasked with highlighting NAM as the ADR provider of choice for corporate litigation resolution as well as continuing to build on their personal injury ADR presence.


We upgraded the look and feel of NAM’s advertising to convey strength, quality and a more upscale sensibility to appeal to corporate lawyers. We implemented a multi-page presence in key issues of the major corporate law trade publications on a national level and digital placements to surround the same target audience. The tone of the campaign deals from a position of strength, portraying leadership and confidence.


We were able to dramatically increase NAM's awareness and growth in corporate litigation resolution while maintaining year after year growth in the personal injury space.